Worlds of Rage #5 US

Livre numérique

Eric Peyron

Edité par Glyphs Productions - 2020

Here comes the fifth issue of Worlds of Rage, with Serena, by Eric Peyron and Stéphane Degardin, Arcana, by Eric Peyron and Yonami, and Curse of the Panthermen, by Eric Peyron and Stéphane Degardin.A lot is happening behind the scenes in the Rage Universe, and many stories are still left to be told. Most of these stories will be told in Worlds of Rage. Serena: While Serena is settling at Deer Antler Inn, three mercenaries are planning to ask her a few questions about one of her purses with a strange sign on it, and from the look on their faces, she'd better have the right answers. Will all this sit well with Helena, Clara, Jen, and Enyd; waitresses (among other things) at Deer Antler Inn who seem to have taken a liking to Serena? You'll have to read this chapter to find out! Arcana: Ennis, Baron of Mendor; Arlin, Count of Dubrios; Lorne, Count of Orbis; and Aldaro, Duke of Calbriga are plotting to dethrone King Kothas. To this end, Brann of Dubrios, Arlin's right hand man, has been sent to recruit other rich and powerful lords in the Arthkan kingdom, but something has happened to Brann, and instead of a new ally, the cabal seems to have made a new enemy. In order to gather as much information as possible, Ennis called Khain Alhazred, a powerful seer who can show images of the past, present and future. So far, the four lords know that Brann has joined a team of mercenaries who were going to Castle Arvenskar. It seems that on their way to the castle, the mercenaries encountered a tribe of picts, and that Brann gained the trust of his fellow mercenaries after the battle that ensued. The last images the four lords have seen so far are about the mercenaries entering Castle Arvenskar. The Rage Universe isn't limited to the European Kingdom of Arthkan. Events are beginning to unfold in Kusha, the African continent of the Rage Universe, which will ultimately have an impact on the Rage series. The origin of these events will be told in the very first Rage Strip, Curse of the Panthermen, and it all begins in a tunnel, in the diamond mines of the Bathu City. M'jala, Bwerani and Hokwui are slaves working in the mines. After an accident which has set them free, Hokwui is slowly becoming the leader of a group of rebel slaves. M'jala and Bwerani are reluctantly following him. Meanwhile, outside of the mine... Discover more Black & White and Color pages of Rage Bane of Demons, the original Rage Graphic Novel, in the Bonus Pages section!

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